Two Months!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You are two months old today...WOW!! We love you more & more with each passing day.  You have brought so much joy and excitement to our lives...we must have been so boring before you!  We are loving your little personality that's starting to shine through.  We love you so much, Wyatt!

What you did this month:
  • You are still wearing size 1 diapers and are wearing size 3 months clothes.
  • I weighed you the other day and you are somewhere around 12 pounds!!
  • You're doing a great job with nursing.  You still eat every 2 hours during the day and now you're going about 6-7 hours at night.  Mama is a new woman!
  • You still sleep in our room at night in the Nap Nanny.  
  • Naps have become hit or miss.  You really just want to be held for naps...which is becoming challenging.  Some days you fight naps and will only take 30 minute naps here or there. 
  • You have been going to bed around 8 then wake up around 3 to eat.  At 8 you wake up to eat and play for about an hour, and then you take a short nap around 9.  You generally take some type of nap in the afternoons between 12:30 & 4. 
  • You've really become fond of your has Mama.  Sometimes it's the only place you'll nap, and I'll take it.
  • You love your play-time mat...especially in the mornings! You have started grabbing at the toys.  When you grab them, I always say, "YAY!!" and you smile and keep going. 
  • You have started fussing more during tummy time. But, you have started holding your head up and looking around!!  I keep trying to tell you it's worth it. ;)
  • You love bath time!! We started putting you in your bathtub and you love to kick (and pee!).
  • Since you love bath time so much, we put you in the pool for the first time this month.  You didn't mind at all!  I don't think you really knew what was happening.
  • You are such a content & easy going little guy!
  • You have found your thumb this month and try really hard to suck on it...when Mama's not looking.  I think I'm losing this battle.
  • You are still so alert.  You have really started to take things in.  
  • You enjoy your car seat and know what it means when you're in're going somewhere.  We go somewhere almost everyday.
  • You know when Daddy or I are in the room & you start looking around for us.
  • You and Daddy had a few hours by yourself for the first time, while Mama went to be pampered.
  • You take your pacifier sometimes at night and at naps to help you get to sleep.
  • You love to meet new people and continue to impress everyone with your cuteness!