Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wyatt's birth story starts on April 25, 2013, one week ago from today.  Sean and I checked into the hospital around 7:00pm, after enjoying an early dinner and a movie.  We got to the room and got ourselves settled a little & then I was hooked up to the monitors and and IV.  At 8:00 they gave me Cytotec to help start some contraction and, hopefully, dilation.  They told me I could have my last meal, until after I delivered, during the time between 10 and midnight.  Since I didn't know how long delivery would be I wanted to make sure I was good and full.  Mom and Russell got to the hospital a little after 10, so Russell and Sean went to Wendy's for me.  We hung out, ate, and watched some TV before mom and Russell headed to the house for the night.  Sean and I were left to try and get some sleep before the big day............

Sean's a genius and actually had the idea to bring a cot to sleep on so he wouldn't have to sleep on the awful chair/bed