Our Low-Key Weekend

Sunday, April 14, 2013

We've had a pretty great weekend! It could be our last weekend without our little guy, which is so crazy to think about! 
Friday night we had a little date night at Larry's Pizza...I always love pizza parade! While we were sitting at our little table for two I realized it may be the last time we sit at a table for two...except for our occasional date nights, of course.  Then we did a little walking around at Home Depot.  
Saturday morning Sean worked and I ran a few small errands.  Then I went to Colin's first t-ball game of the season, which meant I also enjoyed my first sno-cone of the season! I always love seeing those little guys and gals out there having fun.  Plus, I got to see a few of my students, both past and present.  Saturday night Sean and I went to dinner at Rachel and Jacob's with the Adams family.  I enjoyed some good spicy tamales...which can't hurt at this point! (I'm trying anything to get this little toot out! :) )  And sweet baby O did not mind all of the holding and attention she got from me!
Today we've been relaxing.  I had a lot of swelling last night so I'm trying to take it easy.  But, I can't resist the deliciousness of some KFC for lunch...that ought to be good for the swelling, right?? ;)  Also, wishing we could be in VB with my family celebrating my Grandpa's 75th birthday at Catfish Hole.  I guess Wyatt will have to do as a birthday present this year! :)
Happy birthday, Pa!