Our Weekend

Monday, February 18, 2013

We had a really nice and relaxing weekend.  It was pretty low key since Sean is still getting over  a bad cold.   It started off Friday afternoon when I got home and found a beautiful orchid.  Sean had been out of town all weekend so it was a nice "I'm Home"/Valentine's day gift.  For dinner we went to dinner at one of our favorite spots, Cardinal Cafe.  

Saturday morning Sean had to work so it allowed me to get some more cleaning around the house done.  Saturday afternoon we made a very bittersweet decision.  Sean sold one of his first "baby's"...his Pontiac G8.  We have a lot of great memories in this car, but it's also exciting because the money will help us do some major work on our house.

Sunday morning we woke up and Sean made got us a delicious breakfast from McDonald's ...one of my favorites.  We spent the day outside enjoying the beautiful weather.