Garvan Woodland Gardens

Monday, December 3, 2012

Over the weekend Sean and I went to Hot Springs with our dear friends, Ryan, Candi, and the little ones...of course.  Our main purpose for going was to visit Garvan Woodland Gardens and see the Christmas lights. Of course, though, we couldn't go to HS without making at least one stop at Best Buy (for an emergency reason!) and getting some delicious food at Red Lobster!  We arrived promptly at 5:15, just 15 minutes after they turned on the lights, and we had a great time!  (Last year we weren't so lucky!) It was beautiful...I don't think these pictures even begin to show the beauty!


All of these lights made me so excited and got me thinking about my favorite thing to do the night before Christmas Eve....go to the Hodo's of course!!  It's the most amazing thing! They time their lights to music...probably about 6 songs in all.  But not only is it timed, the music is actually on a radio station so you can hear it in your car! If you go on Friday or Saturday nights Santa Clause is usually there as well...definitely something to check out!