Razorback Football

Sunday, October 14, 2012

This weekend Sean and I headed to Fayetteville.  Some of my mom's family came to town from Nashville and we all headed to the rainy Razorback game.  I was really excited, though....it was the first football game I'd been to since college!  We enjoyed the game, even through the delay.  We ended up leaving at half time, but not before seeing Randy Jackson! That's right...Randy Jackson from American Idol!
Apparently a former Miss UofA's husband submitted her name for AI and Randy came to hear her sing!  He gave her an audition number and invited her to come audition in front of all of the judges.  Fayetteville is definitely making a name for itself....that's the second t.v. show that's been to Fayetteville this year!

Shelby and I

Jax's first Razorback game!

 A little rain never hurt nobody! ;)

Oh, and the Hogs won...their third win this season!!