Weekend in Dallas

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Friday afternoon Sean and I headed to Dallas for weekend of fun with our friends Thomas and Laura.  They are some friends we made while they worked in Camden, they both just recently transferred to jobs in the Dallas area. Yay for us!!

No trip is complete without a.] stopping and turning around 20 miles in because you forgot the suitcase and b.] fried gas station food!!

Our first stop when we arrived...In-n-Out!! Sean has be herrassing me for almost a year and a half about trying it.  He had the opportunity when he went on a business trip to California....and I'm pretty sure that's all he ate that week! :)
Second stop....concert! We really only went to see the opening act, Coheed and Cambria....awesome music, check it out. And of course, they did not dissapoint.

Saturday we hit up a little brewery called .....

It was a nice little place with good beer and music.  We enjoyed hanging out and visiting....even made a friend or two.

Saturday afternoon we did a little shopping...it was tax free weekend in Texas, SCORE!!  Then we went to dinner and a movie, we saw The Bourne Legacy at an awesome new movie theater.  They even had Rainbow Sherbet.....my favorite!!

We headed home Sunday after eating at a delicious bagel joint...mmmm!!
Now we're getting ready for the long week ahead of us!