A Glimpse at Our Weekend

Monday, June 25, 2012

Thursday night mom and Russ came down to spend a few days with us.

Friday morning I made breakfast quesadillas.  Of course I found the recipe on Pinterest and it was so simple!  I just whipped out my quesadilla maker and put on some scrambled eggs, cheese, chopped spinach, and real bacon bits.  Mmmmmm....tasty!

Then mom and I headed to the last day of VBS.  I really enjoyed having mom there... and of course showing her off to all of my little friends!

While we were at VBS the boys ran to Hot Springs to do boy things.  So mom and I did a little antique "looking" and got some SnowCones!! I love a good snow cone on a hot day!  

For dinner we headed to El Dorado for some Larry's Pizza, I love the pizza parade!
Then we headed home to watch the Razorbacks lose to South Carolina...:(

I was sad to see them leave on Saturday but I'm so glad mom's home safe and sound!! I loved getting to see her pictures from her trip to Uganda...maybe she'll let me share a few.  
Good thing I only have to wait until the 4th to see them again!