Mom's 50th Surprise Party!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm not holding it in any longer!  It was so hard to keep my mouth shut for so long keeping the party a surprise.  I typically tell my mom everything so it was so hard not being able to talk to her about it.

It went perfectly!  We had family pictures done last weekend (the 8th) at 2.  Then I blindfolded mom and took her to Powerhouse where we met a friend of hers for drinks.  Meanwhile, while we were having drinks, everyone else was at the house getting it ready for the big surprise.  She was so cute because she was so excited about being at Powerhouse with her friend, she thought that was a wonderful surprise!  So after we left Powerhouse I made her put the blindfold back on and we started driving.  Since we were around the stadium at 5:30 and the game started at 6 there were people everywhere.  She thoroughly enjoyed yelling out the window, "It's my birthday!!"   at the strangers along the road.  When we got to the house I parked down the road and made her walk along the sidewalk to really throw her off.  I got her inside and told her to take the blindfold off and about 30 of her closest friends and family were there to yell, "SURPRISE!".  

She was in so much shock she didn't take her sunglasses of for about 5 minutes, it was so cute!

She had a great time and I am so thankful for my Aunt Becky for all of the hard work that she did to help.  I could not have done it without her.  Also, Russell did amazing with the food and had everything looking and tasting so good! 

A funny story from earlier that day.  Mom and I were running errands and going to Chick Fil A.  On the way we saw Aunt Becky with a car full of balloons.  I, of course, went into panic mode.  Luckily mom thought she was doing a tailgating booth at the game for her job.  I just played it off like she had mentioned something like that the night before at dinner.  I was convinced we were busted!