Friends are the Most Important Ingredient in This Recipe of Life

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We had a an amazing weekend with some wonderful friends of ours!
You'd think since we live two streets away from one another we'd spend a heck of a lot more time together.
But with our crazy, busy, hectic lives it's hard to find the time. 

Friday Candi and Ryan found out they are having another little boy in January...we're so excited for them!
So of course as soon as I got off work I ran and picked up some "boy" goodies.  I'm such a loser and forgot to take pictures, they were so cute!  I bought a little frame that has a great description of boys and a Razorback onesie.  The onesie is really neat!  It has a place where you can write his date of birth, weight, length, and some other fun details about the day he is born.  So we took their gifts over to them and then we all headed to Cardinal Cafe for dinner. YUM! 

Saturday was the Lockheed Martin steak cook-off.  But of course it started around 11:00 and it was so flippin' hot! We hung out, ate some appetizers, let the kids play, and then headed back to Ryan and Candi's for burgers!  Probably not as good as the steak we could have had, but there was a/c!
At the cook-off they had some fun kid activities and one was a dunking booth.  The supervisors rotate sitting in the booth.  Of course while we were there Sean and Ryan's supervisor was in it so they had to take a shot ...or two!
Colin had to get in on the action too!

Yes, that's a mug full of beer!  And no, he was not left unsupervised with Ellie.  :)

Sunday we headed to church and then afterwards we went to Wood's Place to eat lunch, with of course...Ryan  & Candi!  They probably felt claustrophobic from all the space we were taking up in their lives over the weekend!  But heck we probably won't see'em again for another week and a half. . . at least!