Thomas Party of 9 - Part I

Friday, July 8, 2011

 Our family vacation this year was to Vancouver, BC.  Not only did Sean and I go, but we went with my mom's family (9 of us in all).  We had a fabulous time and were very consistent with always being in the way!  It's pretty difficult to move 9 people from one place to another without being somewhat in the way.

With the time change we ended up being in Vancouver around lunch so we had a good bit of the afternoon to walk around our hotel area.  It was so gorgeous!  Our hotel was near Stanley Park, a 1,000 acre park, so we had the opportunity to walk around it a little bit.  We only started to scratch the surface though.  We had a nice dinner at a Pub near the hotel.  You could tell we were from the South, I think 7 of us ordered bbq sandwiches. And let me tell you, those Canadians can make some killer french fries! I ate french fries nearly every day.

Our first full day my mom and I went whale watching.  It was a 5 hour long adventure! The weather was a little cloudy and there were some storms on the outskirts, which made the water VERY choppy.  Luckily no one on the boat got sick.  We spent the first two hours trying to find the whales, luckily Victoria reported some while we were out.  Ironically, we saw the whales in U.S. waters.  They were so beautiful and actually playful.  We also saw some sea lions resting along the rocks and shores.

On day three we continued our adventures by going to Grouse Mountain.  It was about 40 degrees once we got up there, FREEZING!  There was snow all over the place which was a nice change from the heat and dryness.  We went zip lining while we were up there.  It was so fun, even though I was so nervous before going. It turned out great though! Until we went on the gondola up to the top of the mountain.  I was freaking out! I'm pretty sure we have it all on camera.  
We had gotten a rental car for the day so we could go to the mountain.  We ended up driving to Whistler for dinner.  It was such a beautiful drive! We saw about 10 black bears along the side of the road.  We had actually driven up there to drive up to one of the mountain tops and it turns out there's no road to the top of that mountain...I think we should have done more research.  But we went to a great brewery and had an awesome dinner.  

As you can tell...we weren't prepared for the freezing temperatures and snow!

I want to spare you with the length, I know you have other things to do, so I'll continue this later!