Mini - "Fay"cation

Monday, July 25, 2011

After our weekend getaway in Van Buren, Sean headed back home to Camden.  I, on the other hand, headed to Fayetteville for a few days. 

I was so happy to be able to spend some time with my mom before we both have to head back to work.  We did some swimming, shopping, and of course...eating.  I was so excited to find out that TCBY had opened up in Rogers.  It is probably my FAVORITE dessert place! I also love the new set-up they have.  I had the Pink Lemonade Sorbet with sprinkles. So delicious!

I forgot to take any pictures, but on Tuesday I went to Pesto Cafe with my best friend, Kristian! It's always so wonderful seeing her and catching up.  We celebrated our birthdays with dinner, and drinks at Theo's.

Wednesday I went to dinner with my mom and some of her friends.  We tried out a new little place, Mojo's Pints and Pies.  They have some awesome pizza!

And of course, no trip to Fayetteville is complete without some Little Bread.  Two reasons we always go to LB.  One, awesome food! And, two, we get to see Cody and his girlfriend Gwendolyn (they both work there).  

Hopefully my belly will be content until our next visit!
Thanks mom for the awesome "Fay"cation!