Sunday, May 8, 2011

 This year for Easter we decided to stay in Camden.  It kind of worked out, even though, I was pretty sad about it.  All of our closest friends in Camden stayed for the weekend too so we had a HUGE Easter lunch.  I was pretty proud of myself.  Sean and I baked a ham, made baked mac & cheese, gravy, green beans, and rolls.  Candi brought the mashed potatoes, Tiffany brought the salad, and Toni brought dessert.  There was so much food!! Sean and I ate ham for a week!  It was nice just to be around friends for the day and not have to worry about missing family. HA! We had a little Easter egg hunt for C&E.  C really enjoyed it but E could have cared less. She was more interested in the rocks and flowers.  She actually picked up an egg and threw it back down on the ground. All in all it was a fabulous Easter with good food and good friends!