The Teacher that went to Church

Monday, March 21, 2011

This was the best picture (of me). . . even though Sean's not looking.
I'm very excited to say that we have officially joined FUMC in Camden.  We're super excited and can't wait to start serving Christ through our ministries.  But no I must tell the story of one of the first times we attended ...

Our friends had been attending this church off and on for a while and so we decided to start joining them.  I didn't realize how many people I knew that attended, mostly people I work with.  But I quickly learned that one of my students attends too.  He was very excited, they always are when they realize that their teacher is a person outside of school.  So the first time we went he saw me and of course on Monday the following day he had to tell all of the other students.  So we decide to go again the following Sunday.  Everything was going great and then the pastor called up the children for children's time.  He's talking about spreading the word of God to others and inviting people to church.  And he says "Joe (not real name of student) you invited your teacher to church, didn't you?"  And I don't know what Joe said, but I'm pretty sure he shook his head no.  But then the pastor says, "AND SHE CAME!!"  At this point I'm sinking way down into the pew. . . and Sean says, "Who's his teacher?" I just started laughing and said, "I am!" 
So the service goes on and the sermon is also about bringing people to church and spreading the word about God.  And at the end of it he says, "Just like that teacher who was invited by Joe who came to church." OMGOSH!!
Well to conclude the story, on Sunday Joe's mom came up to me and of course said how excited they were to have us join.  And she leaned in and said laughingly, "Joe didn't invite you did he?" We both just started cracking up!
So now I'm not just the teacher who went to church, I am the teacher who joined the church.

We are very excited and we can't wait to start being active in a church again.  I've actually already signed up to help organize VBS for this summer. I was also excited that my mom was there Sunday to see us join.  I always love when they come down!