Spring is in Full Swing

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This past week was Spring Break, which means I got to take a short trip to Fayetteville to spend time with my family.  Poor Sean. . .he had to work.  It was a great week filled with walking in the beautiful sunshine, shopping, lunch outings, and wonderful meals (that I did not have to prepare).  Well, I did learn how to make homemade gravy, but that was the extent of my cooking.

After our 6+ mile walk in the sunshine.

Me and my "little" brother, Cody.

Cary Beth (cousin) and I after a great lunch.

After I finally made it back to Camden, I was welcomed with more warm weather and sunshine!  We spent the last Saturday of Spring Break

getting the mower ready for the next 6 months,

pulling down a dead tree,

enjoying the beautiful spring scenery,

 and tried to clean up some of the pollen (which I know is a waste of time because it will just be back tomorrow).

Now I'm back inside today with my sweatpants and a blanket because it's cold and yucky outside.  Hopefully this won't last long.