New Year's Resolutions Update. . .

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I wanted to give an update on the 6 new year's resolutions I made at the beginning of the year. 
I'd say we're doing okay so far.

  1. Quit biting fingernails - YES!! I have done it, for the most part.  I just really have to make sure to keep them filed.
  2. Lose 5-10 pounds - Well I'm doing pretty well.  I don't know if my scale is broken or what but on Saturday when I weighed myself I had lost 5.6 pounds in 6 weeks.  I'm trying to watch my portion sizes and eat more fruits and vegetables.  I workout 4 nights a week.  I do two nights of Zumba and two nights on the stationary bike.
  3. Start getting up at 5:15ish - Yea, this has not happened at all.  I'm pretty sure I get up later than I used to.
  4. Read the Bible - Well. . .I started. 
  5. Make the bed everyday - I actually forgot that this was on the list.  I need to get on this.  It would probably help if I got up a little earlier.
  6. Find a church - We have found a church, First United Methodist.  We are working on becoming members!!