Another Snow Day

Monday, February 7, 2011

It's so crazy!! We go from one year of having no snow days and to the next year having 3+. I'm actually kind of enjoying it. I know, I know so many people are tired of the snow days, but just try going one year without any. It's not like there's a ton of stuff to do during the summer in Camden anyway. Here are a few pics of the animals enjoying the snow.

We continued the weekend by going to the movies on Friday night. We saw No Strings Attached. It was pretty funny, a little crude, but funny. I love Ashton Kutcher so I enjoyed it. Sean even laughed aloud a little.

Saturday we hung around the house and then went to dinner with some friends. We found a really great pizza place in El Dorado, it was delicious. Then we went to their house and played some games. They got the new Pictionary Man game and it was hard! Very fun, though!

Sunday we made our Wal Mart trip for the week. Then we got ready for a Super Bowl party. Sean requested peanut butter chip cookies so we spent the afternoon making cookies. Then we went and enjoyed the game. Sean was a bit bummed that the Steelers lost, but we enjoyed some pretty good commercials...and cookies.