Christmas 2010

Saturday, January 1, 2011

We started out celebrating Christmas in Van Buren. We arrived on the 22nd so we could finish up some last minute shopping.  Christmas Eve we had lunch at my grandparent's home and then we opened presents.  There was a pretty good turn out, although not as many as Thanksgiving.  Here are some pics, mainly of cousins!  We then headed back to my dad's house to open presents. 

We then left VB and headed north to Fayetteville.  We celebrated Christmas with Sean's family at his brother's house. It's always wonderful to see our niece and nephew!!

Already tired and weary we headed to our last stop for the night at my mom's.  We hit they hay and then got up bright and early to celebrate Christmas.  It was actually a pretty relaxing day.  We opened present first thing in the morning, got around, ate lunch, and then played Xbox Kinect pretty much the rest of the day.


The rest of the time consisted of visiting with friends and family, and of course hitting up the good sales!!