House Update

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sean decided, last night, that he wanted to put recessed lighting in the kitchen.  So last night we made a trip to The Home Depot (in El Dorado) and bought all of our supplies.   This morning I came out and of course he was already busy at work.  I reminded him that today was going to be his car-working day, but he said he would have the lights done in TWO HOURS and then  he would work on the car.  Well, we're going on about 1.5 hours and I'm pretty sure he's not even half way done.  Considering we still have to go back to the HD and get one more can. :)  I'll let you know when he's finished . . . and cleaned up the kitchen!

We are now going on the 5th hour of working on the lights in the kitchen.  We have 9 cans in and we still have to go to HD to get the other 2.  It's looking good even though it's been hell putting them in.  :)  Oh, and of course the kitchen's a MESS!

Well, it's now midnight and the lights are finished, the kitchen is mostly clean, and we are cleaned up.  Here are a few pics of todays work.

This was after Sean made the holes in the ceiling.

Here the cans are installed, just waiting for light bulbs and filling in the hole from the old light.

Here it is with all the light bulb, except one.  So, of course, we get to go back to HD tomorrow and get one more light bulb.  One that we bought didn't work.  :(

All in all, it looks much better and Sean did an AWESOME job!!
Even though it did take all day.  :)