Meet the Dorey's

Saturday, September 25, 2010

To get things started, I figure you should know a little about Sean and I.  Here are 10 things that will pretty much sum us up!

1. We met in high school, Prairie Grove High.
2. I was in 10th grade and Sean was a senior.
3. We both went to the University of Arkansas.
4. Sean has a degree in mechanical engineering and mine is in elementary education.
5. We dated for 8 years before we got married.
6. We've been married 1 year, 3 months, and 19 days.
7. We live in Camden, AR.
8. Sean works for Lockheed Martin.
9. I am a first grade teacher.
10. We have four children - Spud, Mr. Grey, Angel, & Oliver.

a few months after we started dating

Disney World

Pretty self-explanatory

Mt. Magazine - One Year Anniversary
(Sean, always so overdressed) 

Spud - 11 Years old

Mr. Grey - 10 Years Old 

Angel - 6 Years Old

Ollie - 4 Years Old

There's just a little sneak-peek into the Dorey household!
cynmarfarm said...

Hi, Dorey household!!! Love your blogspot! Just checked emails before going outside to do chores and saw yours." Everything Hunky Dorey", what a great title, you're so creative! Love your kids pics also, so funny. I'm watching the kids for JR & Faith while he goes East to pick up Faith and the car (Faith broke her ankle). Faith is done in Baltimore, so she'll be home for awhile. Doing anything for Sean's B-day?